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City of Devine
303 South Teel Drive
Devine, Texas 78016
Phone: 830-663-2804
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Johnny Davis, CSI, - Customer Service Inspector
(Public Works Department)

Bureau Veritas, - Building, Electrical, Mechanical, & Plumbing Inspector
(on Contract with the City of Devine)


The most common ordinance violations are:

Chapter 18 – Buildings and Building Regulations
Chapter 66, Article II – Unsanitary, Unsightly, Etc., Conditions on Private Property
Chapter 66, Article III – Junked Motor Vehicles
Chapter 82 – Solid Waste

File a Complaint.
Code Compliance Complaint Form – A signed copy of the complaint must be submitted to the Code Compliance Department for action to be taken on the complaint.

Request a variance from a City Ordinance.
Submit an Application for Variance to the Code Compliance Department with a non-refundable $50.00 processing fee to have the request submitted to the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council.


City Permits
The Code Compliance Department issues the following permits: Residential Construction Permits, Commercial Construction Permits, Floodplain Development Permits, Temporary Sales Permits (Garage Sales), Solicitor Permits, Amusement Permits, and Beer Permits. For more information contact the Code Compliance Department during office hours.

Construction Permits
Construction Permits are required to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system, including signs and fences over 6-feet in height, the installation of which is regulated by city ordinance.

Commercial & Residential Construction Permits
Adopted Codes and Building Requirements
Contractor Registration Form (No Fee for Registration)
Plumbing, Mechanical, & Electrical Construction Information

Commercial Construction Permits
Commercial Plan Review Checklist
Commercial Permit Submittal Requirements
Commercial Permit Application

Residential Construction Permits
Accessory Building Information
Fence Information
Swimming Pool Checklist
Residential Permit Submittal Requirements
Residential Remodel & Addition Submittal Requirements
New Residential Plan Review Checklist
New Residential Energy Inspections
Typical New Residential Inspections
Residential Permit Application

Manufactured Homes
Manufactured Home Requirements
Manufactured Home Application

Building Permits & Exceptions
One- & Two-Family Residential Property
Multi-Family, Apartment, Business, Retail & Commercial Property

Excavation & Digging
The City of Devine requires permits for any digging over 16 inches deep, this includes for fences, mailboxes, trees and construction. This permit is free of charge and requires a confirmation number from a registered notification center. Call “811” at least 48-hours before digging to receive a confirmation number.

The City of Devine requires permits for the complete or partial demolition of any structure within the city limits. The state asbestos rules may apply.
For more information see Asbestos Information

Certificate of Occupancies
Certificate of Occupancy Information
Certificate of Occupancy Application

Other Permits
Temporary Sales Permit (Garage / Yard Sales)
Solicitor Permit (for Solicitors, Peddlers, and Fixed Vendors)
Carnival and Amusement Permit (for any Carnivals, Circuses or Similar events)
Carnival and Amusement Devices Information


The Subdivision Ordinance of the City of Devine applies to all land within the city limits or within ½ mile of the city limits in the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).

A Subdivision includes the dividing of land into two or more parts or resubdividing land such as combining two or more lots, relocating of lot lines, changing of lot orientation, or changing the size of any lot. A Subdivision does not include the division of land for agricultural purposes in parcels or tracts of five acres or more not involving any new street, alley, or easement of access.

To find a Surveyor, visit (click on “Rosters”)

Contact the Code Compliance Department for Subdivision/Platting procedures & requirements.


The City of Devine has established zoning regulations that regulate and restrict the height and size of buildings, the size of yards and other open spaces, and land use in general. These regulations have been made to promote health, safety, morals, and the general welfare of the city, and are designed to lessen congestion in the streets, to secure safety from fire, panic and other danger, to prevent overcrowding, and facilitate adequate utilities.

Contact the Code Compliance Department if you have any questions regarding property zoning, conforming uses and setbacks.

Request a Zoning Change


The City of Devine has contracted out with Bureau Veritas to handle the following:

  • Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler System Plan Review
  • Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler System Inspections
  • Annual Fire Safety Inspections

Fireworks – Possession or discharge of Fireworks is prohibited within the City of Devine.

Fire Limits – The Boundaries of the Fire Limits have been established by ordinance. Contact the City of Devine regarding the boundaries of the Fire Limits. There are different construction requirements in the Fire Limits.

Open Burning – Open fires or fires for disposing of trash are prohibited within the city limits. Contact the Medina County Sheriff’s Office (830-665-8000) or County Judge’s Office (830-741-6021) for information on County Burn Bans.

TCEQ Guide to Outdoor Burning Click on PDF Link to open or save.


The City of Devine is a participating community in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP); therefore, City of Devine regulates development in the Floodplain. The City requires a Floodplain Development Permit to be issued prior to beginning any “development.” “Development” is defined in the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance as “any man-made change to real property.” The Floodplain Development Permit is independent of any other required permits

Current Flood Insurance Rate Map for Devine

Apply for a Floodplain Development Permit

Download or Print an Elevation Certificate Form

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Information -

FEMA Map Service Center -


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